Human connection is at the heart of any business. So, it must come as no surprise that the most successful brands imitate this bond to their benefit. These businesses do not focus solely to sell but to show how their products or services are essential in making life more meaningful. Once the enterprise achieves a semblance of humanity, customers come, and more importantly, stay. This is where the power Social Media Marketing comes into play.

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We believe your business was made to meet a need, and we want to make the world know it is worth their time and attention. Let's make the connection.


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Attract your target audiences through creative and authentic social media messaging.

Content Calendar Development

Planning should be driven with purpose. The potential effectiveness lies in insight and foresight.

Custom Graphic Design

Clients are diverse. We tailor designs to meet our clients taste - with insight as to what invites interest and interaction.

Customer Engagement

We let technology talk for you. Complexity only clutters communication. Strategic simplicity is what turns people to customers.

Reputation Monitoring

How do you want your business to be remembered? We want to keep tabs on you are touching lives statistically. Keeping a record has its own rewards.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

What makes advertisements work? We believe it’s all about connecting to a human level. Let these connections work for you, and see results.


It's always good to measure progress. What’s better?
To see your business grow to reach your goals.

Dame Digital aims to express the essence of your business.

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Start creating an authentic social media experience.

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  • Content Calendar Development
  • Custom Graphic Design
  • Customer Engagement
  • Reputation Monitoring
  • Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • Monthly Analytics







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The Groomsmen

Social Media Strategy, Facebook Management

With our social media strategy, we at Dame Digital seek to provide your business with a touch of human connection, wherein your potential customers could appreciate your brand, and, more importantly, approach you for your products and services.


Adhara Eco-Boutique Resort

Social Media Strategy, Facebook & Instagram Management, Customer Service


Cebu Peoples
Multi-Purpose Coop

Social Media Strategy, Facebook Management, Customer Service

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